Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 Minute Tiramisu

(above) 1 Minute Tiramisu
You know those times where you're looking through your fridge in hopes that there is something, just something good to eat? And when you realize that there isn't anything at all, its slightly depressing. Yeah, those days are kind of over after you've made 1 minute tiramisu.
Wait what? Tiramisu in 1 minute?! Yep, that's right. With four ingredients and a minute, you can make this faux-tiramsu. This is by absolutely no means authentic, but the combination of the ingredients are delicious. You're going to need coffee, ladyfinger cookies, whipped cream (the sweetened kind in a spray can) and cocoa powder.

(above) Left - Coffee. Right - Ladyfinger Cookies.
So we start with some coffee. It doesn't need to be freshly made and it doesn't need to be brewed or anything. Just your basic instant coffee, sweetened if desired, and preferably chilled or at least room temperature. You take your ladyfingers and quickly dip them in the coffee. Shake off any access coffee and place them in your bowl/ramekin/whatever. You can break them in half to fit your container and depending on how hungry you are, dip as many cookies as you like.

(above) Coffee-soaked ladyfingers topped with whipped cream.
Top the coffee-soaked ladyfinger cookies with whipped cream.

(above) 1 Minute Tiramisu
Lastly, give it a good sifting of cocoa powder. Sound like a lot of work? Aside from making the coffee (which is not included in the 1 minute as it should be made ahead of time and chilled), all that you really have to do is dip cookies in coffee, top them with whipped cream and sift cacao powder. Think you can handle that? Give it a try.

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